Director's appeal

Suleymanov Pulat Shokirovich
Dear friends! I am pleased to welcome you to the OXBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL website. I hope, here, you will find complete and comprehensive information about our school. Choosing a school for your child is a very important process; in choosing a school you choose their future.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our school! We are working to ensure that our students receive an excellent education, one that will meet the demands of the world’s continuing globalization. Our school has been successfully recognised as IB PYP and MYP Candidate School and in the near future we will become an officially authorized IB World School, where education is given in accordance with the best international educational programs lead by the strong IB philosophy.

An intelligent and educated person becomes an independent and responsible creator of their own destiny. Well educated people are interested in living, creating and taking responsibility for themselves and for the people around them. Education opens up new and endless opportunities for development, it is the key to good character, a good career and success in business.

We are mindful of the future of our students. We try to teach them to think, make independent decisions and, of course, to love learning. We want our students to strive for continuous self-improvement and development throughout their lives.

Our students not only learn science and other school subjects, but they also learn to communicate and learn from their teachers, parents and classmates. The foremost thing we want to teach our students is self-improvement, so that every day they become better than yesterday. Each student must set a goal and achieve it in various academic and non-academic subjects. Each student of our school learns to work in a team and be part of our school’s society.

In any school, a teacher’s primary goal should be to gain the interest of their students. Each class a teacher attends is a chance to communicate face to face with their students. Each chance is a time to engage their students and open their minds to the possibilities of the world, revealing the new horizons that can be found in any subject. A chance to “fall in love” with science, math, literature, language or any subject they choose, perhaps they will fall in love with the process of learning and gaining knowledge itself.

Our school employs professional, talented teachers of high caliber, with extensive education and experience. Our school is composed of multinational teachers; currently, we employ faculty from seven different countries. This wealth of talent, education and experience is used to constantly train and enhance our faculties’ pedagogical skills. Our teachers embrace the ideology of constant improvement.

Once again, I want to welcome you at Oxbridge International, where you will find a unique atmosphere that helps our students achieve their goals and make their educational dreams and aspirations come true.

Your sincerely,

Pulat Suleymanov